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Natural good taste is the secret of London based Kindred Bakery's success. Specialising in Birthday Cakes and Gluten Free Bread we are a pioneering bakery brand established nearly 400 years ago, we still maintain a unique reputation for quality and product innovation.

We use natural processes, artisan methods, all hand made and interesting ingredients to make our award winning organic and special dietary ranges.

About Us

The hallmark of our products is natural good taste. We strive for real food produced with interesting flavours and textures and this has been consistently rewarded by an organic growth in sales and a string of fine food awards. This is strongly supported by a philosophy of using ingredients which cater for most special dietary needs and a level of innovation and originality which sets the brand apart from many of its competitors. All of our sweet pastry is now made from gluten free flour, which is better in flavour than ordinary flours ! Our award winning range of cakes, bars and biscuits are targeted at a variety of markets wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and some like our Chocolate Brownies and school sponge - pure indulgence.

Special Diets

One of the hallmarks of The Kindred Bakery is the interest we take in health and diet issues and we are at the forefront of product innovation in this area. From the early days, we produced some breads which were wheat free, others had no added yeast, some were low in salt, some contained no salt and others were made using spelt flour.

We believe that people who are on a special diet should have the best choice and an equal standard of food available to them. That is why we set out to cater for special dietary sensitivities without compromising taste or quality. In this respect, many people say our award winning cake range is second to none.

Within our ranges we have products which are wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, products made with no added yeast, products made using no added fat and products suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

So for a quality London bakery specialising in Birthday Cakes and Gluten Free Bread come to Kindred Bakery.

Bakers in London selling Gluten Free Bread and Birthday Cakes Kindred Bakery
23 Half Moon Lane
Herne Hill
SE24 9JU
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Kindred Bakery
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